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personality types and texting

In this section, we are sharing with you part of our article, "Personality Types and Texting Behavioral Patterns." It is a great way to discover your own texting habits and your partner's. It can be used to predict and understand why your friend, date or lover texts you the way they do.


Expressive partners fall into Personality Types A and B category. They find it challenging to text their partner if they are less expressive than them. Personality Types C and D are generally less expressive in text and fall into less responsive and passive-aggressive side of the communication spectrum. You will likely have to work harder on your communication if one of you is Type A or B and the other Type C or D. Couples who are both expressive in their communication tend to be more successful at communicating their needs with their partner through texting. Read the article below and see which personality type you and your partner are. Feel free to leave your comments.







Relationship Coach


Nazanin Marzban, BA Psych


Posted August 07, 2016




Type A personality is someone who likes to be in charge. This would mean that in texting they like to be in charge of the conversation. They typically are the ones who initiate texts to find out what is happening. This is because they like to be in control of their environment. They apply a bottom-line solution when solving problems. This means no-nonsense messages while texting. They are high achievers and with that comes a high sense of urgency.


In texting, they like receiving answers right of way. They become impatient when they don't hear back from someone. They are goal-oriented and are not focused too much on the details to achieve their goal. In texting, if their goal is not meant, in particular, their partner or friend doesn't text them the way they believe they should be texted, they start losing interest fast. They are generally workaholic. If they are super busy, they expect others to be understanding.


Although Type A personality people tend to be super busy, they don't deny their partner a text reply while working. They don't text while busy at work but they do find time to respond or send texts when they are in the washroom, having coffee or at lunch break. Because they take the bottom-line approach, they tend to either text someone who meets their goal or they will completely become disinterested and not text anymore. They are big on communication and when it comes to breaking-up, they never leave their partner hanging without a goodbye text.         



Type B personality is someone who is very energetic and outgoing. This would mean that in texting they like to be in touch a lot with their friends. They typically are the ones who text until the other person says that they have to go. This is because they like to build friendships and by being there in text messaging is one way for them to achieve that. They try their best to like everyone around them. This is because they like receiving attention and enjoy it when others like them back. Their text messages tend to go with the flow with the intent to maintain their friendships. They like to be admired and enjoy receiving complement and this is more so in texts.


In texting, their conversations tend to be mostly about themselves. To some, they appear to be self-centered but their intent is to be liked. People with Personality B like to appear attractive and successful. They fear being humiliated since that makes many people disapprove them. They always like to give the impression that they are very successful even if they are not. While texting friends, they tend to focus on topics that lead to their approval. Bad subjects or news are not shared with their friends. They keep those conversations only for their closest friends who will not disapprove of them.


Although Type B personality people tend to be super outgoing, they are not the ones that initiate texting friends. They text if they like to get together. At times, they may text to stay connected with them. They are the ones whose phone keeps constantly ringing with new messages. But, they receive messages more than they initiate. They don’t always respond promptly to those who admire them. On the other hand, they tend to lack patience. They become impatient easily while waiting for a text reply. This is because they relatively have a short attention span. They are not detail oriented and while at work they tend to prioritize socializing with co-workers than working. They are also the ones who openly check their text messages and keep their phones in their pocket while working. They are not good at break-ups and this is more so if it is not initiated by them. Their text messaging behavior is unpredictable as they like to mostly focus on themselves and their needs. This can lead their partner to feel unappreciated and taken for granted.



Type C personality is someone who loves details. They like things that are controlled and stable. This means that in texting they like the flow of conversation to be logical and less emotional. This is because they like to rely on facts and logic. They believe emotional messages makes objectivity difficult. They are detail-oriented when solving problems. They are also excellent thinkers who look at all facts in detail before they make a decision. They are not so assertive in their text messages. They are the type of people who don’t text that much. This is because they don’t like to be assertive about their emotions.


Personality Type C people are the type who are extremely patient in texting. If they don’t hear back from someone they like they can go on for weeks without texting them. They are patient with their feelings because they are unassertive individuals who suppress their own desires. For this reason, their lack of assertiveness causes them to experience a tremendous amount of stress. It is not a surprise that people with this type of personality are more prone to suffer or experience depression. In texting, this would result in not responding to their friend’s messages and ignoring their partner’s texts.


People with Type C personality tend to be careful and excellent thinkers. They look at all aspects of a problem. Once they reach a decision, they will have all the facts to back it up. In texting, they are reserved and reply less if the conversation is emotional rather than factual. They avoid sensitive topics. They choose to not respond and most often ignore these types of messages. They don't text while busy at work and rarely answer their partner’s texts during work hours unless they have to. They are not assertive when it comes to communication. When it comes to breaking-up, they end up unintentionally leaving their partner hanging without any closure. This is due to the fact that they are not comfortable with expressing their emotions. If you are dating a Type C personality do not expect to have your emotional needs met. This could be a huge red flag for some but it is possible for a Type C individual to find happiness with someone who is not an emotionally sensitive individual.




Type D personality is someone who is commonly distressed. They tend to be pessimistic and generally have a negative outlook on life. This would mean that in texting they tend to be very negative with their responses. Do not expect from a Type D to receive too many positive and happy texts. They respond well to those who respect them. This means that they will text well with their partner if their messages are predictable, polite and respectful. The moment they feel that they are not respected in text they begin to withdraw from texting. They will do everything to please the people around them as long as they feel secure and appreciated. As soon as that changes, they will likely discontinue contact.    


In texting, they are very slow in responding. They like to keep their feelings to themselves. They are reluctant to express their feelings and this is evident in their text messages. They are resistant to change and will try to avoid it at all costs. They like to do repetitive tasks just to avoid change. They tend to be caring and are very patient with their partner. They try to get along with an assertive partner even if their feelings are hurt. They tend to keep their feelings to themselves. You will rarely see this type of person to express their feelings specially in their text messages.   


Although Type D personality people are pessimistic at heart, they do great in working with teams. This is because they are patient and good listeners. They are slow paced at their job. This is why they like jobs that are routine based as it is safe, predictable and does not require change. They are the ones that you typically find texting their partners while at work. They are easy going with their team. In general, they put other’s needs first. If paired with a personality type A, they feel secure in the relationship. They are not big on communication and when it comes to breaking-up, they stop texting and deny their partner with any answers.         

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