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We hold your privacy in the highest regard. We do not send any spams nor sell or distribute your e-mail and any other information.

Our Coaching Services

We provide relationship and life coaching services in addition to our online content. We also provide learning materials produced by a professional life and relationship coach.

Looking to take the next step with your man or woman but don't know how. We will be launching our Retreat Packages in 2017. It could be that you and your partner both need a trip. Yet, you like to work on strengthening your negotiation and communication skills together. Since these skills are necessary for texting as well as in-person, you may wish to surprise your partner with a TEXTING COACH TM Retreat. This is a great package for couples who are getting ready to become serious.

Feel free to read more about Our Services and purchase our individual life coach packages offered through arranged chat service, telephone, text messaging or e-mail. Book your free session with our relationship coach now, click here.

TEXTING COACH TM is located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Our in-person coaching is only available for clients who are from this location. Or, meet our coach in-person with our romantic couple retreat. Reserve your package now, is limited.

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