5 Texting Tips to Control your Texting Impulse

Tip #1 Breathe and count to ten before you press the SENT button.

Tip #2 Never text when drunk. Remember to hide your mobile somewhere safe and away from you until you are sober.

Tip #3 Be your own police. Remind yourself the promise you made to yourself not to text when emotional or angry.

Tip #4 If not sure, do NOT send any texts that you will regret later. Do type them out in your word or notes as if you are sending it.

Tip #5 If you cannot control your texting impulse then do something to distract yourself from giving in to them. For example, find a new hobby like playing a game to keep your mind off of texting.

Tip #6 Think and re-read your text before sending. Make sure your text is rational and not based on your emotions. Good luck. Happy Texting!

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