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TEXTING COACH TM is founded and owned by a Canadian Author, Nazanin Marzban.
"We are a Texting Coach and beyond."

Learn to be Chased.

Don't be a Chaser.


TEXTING COACH TM is founded and owned by THE TOWN OF MOHABA Author, Nazanin Marzban. A creative artist with a background in Interpersonal Relations and BA in Psychology. She is a Certified Life and Relationship Coach with a membership in International Organization of Professional Life Coaches. Nazanin Marzban is excited to start her journey as a coach and owner of her Texting Coach Company.



TEXTING COACH TM established itself as an E-commerce and Commerce Trademark in 2016. Since then, Nazanin opened her online store and blog here on April 7th, 2016. Ever since, inspiration has driven her to begin designing products surrounding the topic of texting.

We are a texting coach and beyond. We invented "Texting Coach." - Nazanin Marzban

Our coach is passionate about texting. She is fascinated by the extent to which it has had impacted our relationships. She believes texting and relationship go hand in hand. We are in a fast paste world. It is changing with technology quicker than our mind can handle. That is why we need to adjust and move forward with these changes. 

We are passionate about life, texting and relationships. Our coach is also the author of THE TOWN OF MOHABA. She offers coaching services to writers who are eager to finish their dream book. She helps her clients to get to their dream faster.


We believe that any aspect of our life can impact another area of our lives. Our coach communicates with her clients to learn their life coping styles. There are those who enjoy a focused approach. They like to zoom in and deal with one issue at a time while others like a more holistic approach. Our coach is open to an approach that best suits her client's needs.

Because our coach is certified as a life coach as well as relationship, she can help her clients to evaluate other areas of their life while working on improving their relationship goals. A holistic approach is one that looks at client's all aspect of life. For example, if you are facing financial issues, this can influence your activities, relationship, career choices and the amount of leisure that you can have. Our coach is here to help. 

We offer our clients convenience of online booking which allows you to schedule your own sessions without the hassle of calling off-hours and waiting. We are moving with technology. Our TEXTING COACH TM E-Books will be available digitally. This way our customers can start their reading right after point of purchase. 

"Be wise and learn how to be successful at texting with TEXTING COACH TM." Texting is an integral form of our everyday communication. It plays a big role in our relationships with others. We are here to bring your awareness to the power of texting. With our products, you can see the fun side of texting. With our blogs, you will learn how to text to win. With our website, you will learn texting tips and tricks. With us, you will learn how to win your partner's attention and maintain your relationship. And, our products will inspire you to see texting in a new light. “Text wise and follow your heart.” - Nazanin Marzban

By offering services and products, we hope to change the way you think about texting in a fun, exciting and new way. We are proud to own copyrights in the various works of authorship associated with our name, Texting Coach. If you wish to use our name, please contact our coach and author Nazanin Marzban.

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