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As your Texting Coach, we are here to help you learn how to grab your partner's attention and text to win. We listen and come up with a game plan together. As our client, we offer texting services where you can stay in touch through text with our coach. You get to text your coach when you receive a text from your partner or dates in addition to receiving life coaching.


This package is limited to few clients a month. You get to send text messages to our coach between certain hours a day as your friend and support on daily basis. For instance, let's say you get an unexpected reply from your partner who says, "I am sorry but I can't see you tomorrow." Your coach knows you and your circumstance. She will provide you the most effective way to respond.  TEXTING COACH is invented by us because we have practiced it with our clients for many years.


Remember, what matters most after few days have passed is how you responded to your partner. Imagine you let your anger respond, "You know what I don't want to see you either." You love this person and by texting this you didn't make yourself look good. You will most likely regret it later. By training with us, you will learn the tricks that will last you a lifetime. In matters of few weeks to months, you will master the skills to texting successfully to get what you want.

With our TEXTING COACH TM package, you text us and we guide you every step of the way as much as we can. We help you decide if you need to reply, wait or what kind of message may help in your situation. We guide you but at the same time hold you accountable for following through on the plans of texting that we develop.

Most of the plans we come up with surrounds how to text successfully. We work with you to develop emotional intelligence skills. This means learning strategies that help you learn to control your emotions while texting and replying.

“Even if you have made mistakes before, it is not late to start practicing the right way today.”

We teach you to not let your emotions ruin your relationship with the woman or man of your dream. Being in control of your emotion plays a big role on how successful you will be with your partner.

We look into your past texting habits only to evaluate how to move forward. We work with you to adapt to new ways. Together we come up with a plan that best suits your goals and needs.

With our certified relationship and life coach who has a background in Psychology, you will develop tools key to your chances at winning your partner's attention and keeping their love alive.



As your life coach, we are here to help you clarify and reach your life goals. This could be relationship, leisure, work, finance or health.

We guide you to figure out your priorities. We help you find out which areas in your life needs most work.

We listen and help you by being there for you as your support. We do this while holding you accountable for following through on the plans of action that we develop together.

We help you focus on your wants by not losing sight of your priorities. We help you sort through your problems and throw away things that are on your to-do list but you know you will never get to them.

What we don't do is help you deal with your past issues. We only look into your past for inspiration.

Are you tired of going to therapists and or counseling only to feel emotionally drained? Do you head home to only remember the tragedies of your past?

​Well, life is NOT a tragedy. "From our viewpoint, life is about experiences. We have good and bad ones. What we do with it makes us who we are."

Life is a BLESSING. Life is here for us to LIVE IT. Not to re-surface things that we have no control over. What we have control over is today and tomorrow. Why not live it with JOY and not sadness?


As your coach, we provide you the kind of therapy that helps you move forward and not backward. To emphasize, we don't dig into your past but rather work with you TODAY to achieve your life plans. We focus on you and what you can do now, today, in order to achieve success.





As your writing coach we are here to help you live your dream. We help you reach your goal of becoming an author. "Talk is cheap. Action speaks. Let's get some writing done." We all say that we plan to write our book. But, we never act on it.


We are interested in working with clients who are writing novels. We decide together on our first free consultation if you and I would be a good fit. If you can sell your pitch to me then I think we are at a start of something really good.


"Art and Creativity Mastered with Passion are the most Rewarding Gift that you can Give to yourself." Nazanin Marzban


We guide you step-by-step from the beginning stages of your writing to getting through your first drafts to ending up getting published.


We provide you feedback every step of the way. We also make sure you don't fall back behind with your writing. If we notice  at any point that you suffer from WRITER'S BLOCK we will do exercises to help you regain your creativity. We help you stay focused on your writing to get those chapters done.


By having to send your work to me for feedback, you have deadlines and that for some writers is the best way to get their writing done.  We help you set goals so that you finish your chapters and get through your drafts. Learn from my mistakes, never send an unedited manuscript to agents. Your manuscript needs to be polished first.


One bonus that you get with our coaching is that not only we are a writing coach, we are also a life coach. This means that if you choose you can also receive coaching in other areas of your life. We teach you that with discipline you can get writing done and cope with your other daily life challenges. This way, you improve all aspects of your life. Plus, less negative energy leads to less clutter and more focus on writing. This is optional.


Most of our clients prefer to keep the focus solely on their writing. This is because full coaching takes more time. Our writing coach service can be minimal as you sending your work every week to us for feedback. The coach charges for the time it takes to review your work and send you feedback. Most of this work is done by e-mail.  


We guide you and prepare you to submit your work to literary agencies. We help you on how to prepare your query letters and synopsis.


Most people believe that it is impossible to get an agent. Our writing coach is a living proof of getting to the agency of her dream. She received an offer of representation to becoming a lifetime author for an agency in New York.


This offer followed by an offer to edit her fantasy fiction sequel for a reputable agency in Hollywood. She turned down the first agent to edit her sequel. She is currently editing her novel for the agency of her DREAM.


She is a living proof of anything is possible. Many ask her, "How did you do it?" Simple.


"I didn't listen to the critic's outside, the media telling me that it is impossible to get an agent. I didn't listen to the critics inside telling me that I can't do it. Most people don't chase their dream because they assume they won't succeed," Nazanin Marzban.



As your relationship coach, we are here to help you cope with your relationship issues by finding solutions. We help you learn how to be happy with your partner. And, if you are single, we help you succeed at finding a date and keeping your date. Our coach has mastered the tricks to texting which is a bonus at the initial stages when you are trying to win your date's attention and love.


Some examples of common relationship problems could be that you and your partner don't know how to fix things between the two of you. You argue a lot. This is emotionally draining and causing a distance between the two of you. You are both emotionally invested but yet don't know how to make each other happy. You need tools. This is where a relationship coach comes handy. We are all about tools. We believe in their power to work. We have seen how it does magic if you are willing to do what it takes. 


You may like to take advantage of our one-month coaching package as a couple who like to improve their communication, anger control and conflict resolution skills. Or, you may wish to purchase our package as an individual who has discovered that they want their relationship to improve by working with a coach alone.


We teach you problem-solving skills, conflict resolution, negotiation, effective ways of communication, anger management. We look for any signs of displaced anger. One month of coaching will fuel you with tools that you can use for life. We will help you improve your relationship satisfaction and success with results.

We are here to make you aware of your possible disruptive relationship patterns as well as ways to cope with your partner's personality. We teach you ways to overcome your bad habits by replacing them with good relationship habits. For example, taking charge of your emotions and not letting it control or ruin your relationship takes work to make it a habit. It is possible to be in a happy relationship but it is hard work

The first step to a successful relationship is for you to work through your own priorities. Then, see if this relationship meets your needs. If so, we will work on finding out the root of your biggest concerns together and then we come up with solutions.

"Every step you take and with every success that you see, you will grow." Nazanin Marzban


Remember, tomorrow is gone. It is not worth letting you live it in your beautiful moments right now. Learn to change today to make your future relationship better. With us, there is no revisiting and reliving your trauma. We have enough tools to get you through today and build a stronger relationship as a result.



Have you ever fallen in love?

Did you ever wish you could pause?

... stay in those moments forever.


It is not a dream, you deserve those moments all the time. Learn to change your bad texting habits by applying some of our texting rules, tricks and suggestions. If you dare sign up for our free session now!

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