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The first step to text messaging with success is to believe in the power of texting. Texting plays a big role in your communication with others. It doesn't matter if you are at the early stages of your dating or been together for some time, what matters is knowing that there are no quick fixes when it comes to texting right. You'll need to begin practicing good thoughts. You and not your partner control the power from being dumped to being admired. Learn to be chased and not be the chaser. The winner is in control of his or her emotion. The unlucky ones, however, usually are not in control of their feelings. There is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings. The only thing is that it should be done at the right time at the right time. Perhaps, only in-person. With our E-Books, you will learn step-by-step how to handle each of your relationship situations through texting. In our contents, here, you will learn how to win your partner's attention and NEVER wait by the clock.


Have you ever found yourself wondering if you should text him or her? No matter what the fear, it feels real. For some, it is a scary place to be. You might have found yourself on both ends. You either texted too much or you did not text at all. No matter if you are friends, dating, in a relationship or broken up you need to follow a set of guidelines. This is the case if you wish for your relationship to succeed. TEXTING COACH TM is here to help you achieve your relationship goals through texting with a background in psychology and interpersonal relations.


The best part of life is to be in a happy, fulfilling and balanced relationship. It is easier said than done. Most people believe it should work without any effort. But, good relationships take time and effort. It requires commitment from both ends. Nothing feels better than having a great companion who makes your day extra special. It is difficult when you meet someone who is not on the same page as you. However, if two people love each other enough then despite their differences they can still make it work. Why texting? We believe: "Texting is an integral form of communication between couples." It paints relationships.


We believe if you are successful at texting you will also be successful in your relationship. Most of us text more than we talk. We do this with our friends, family member and loved ones. Interestingly, we do not care as to what we are texting the people who don't judge us like our family members. However, it is when it comes to relationships and someone who we have feelings for that we desperately seek advice. After all, one text of "Goodbye" even if you don't mean it could end your relationship forever. 


One of the biggest tricks to succeeding at texting is how well you can control your emotions. Can you think wisely before you press the sent button? Or, do you press the keys without thinking and pour out all your emotions all at once? It is difficult to do this when you have feelings for someone. It is even more difficult if you are too shy to go to your friends for advice. We noticed more and more guys are watching videos on how to text a girl. It seems that girls tend to talk about relationships a lot. They are comfortable with expressing their emotions. However, it is much more difficult for a guy to do this.




Millennials consist of those who were born in the generation where texting and the internet became popular and the norm to everyday communication. Millennial generation includes those with birth years of starting in the 1980s until early 2000s. Most adults who are currently dating fall into this category.      


We live in a confused generation. No one has foreseen much success in their relationships as they are still experimenting without being aware. With no real pressure to get married, they walk on this gray line. We like to call it the "confused madness"." It is a mess. Many won't commit and won't define their relationship status. For some reason, they keep believing that maybe someone better will come along and sweep them off their feet. After all, with one browse on the net, you have someone to chat with. There is no pressure to try to make it work when things get tough.


In today's world, your dating life is not hidden from your friends, family, classmates or co-workers on Facebook and other online social places like Instagram. The pattern has become such that you are more concerned with how happy you and your partner appear rather than working on being truly happy together. There is a lack of authenticity. Also, why work hard in your relationship when you don't have to? You ghost away instead or move on to the next big thing you think you will find. You have nothing to lose when dating is as easy as an exchange of, "What's next?"




With so many options available with a click of a button, we opt our way out with no effort to explain why. We vanish like a silent ghost and ignore. There are no hassles nor any need to take responsibility. You realize how often this happens when you hear your friends and clients being confused by why their partner started ignoring them. The respect, authenticity, and etiquette are out the window. Many are still in the "why" phase without realizing that there is a missing interaction element that is influencing our selfish modern dating habits.


Guys rarely talk to their guy friends about how they feel and what they think they should do. It is not masculine.  When girls text their emotions, it makes their man feel emasculated. This is more so if it is required of him to respond back the same way. Typically, in these situation guys withdraw. The cycle goes on. Both partner give-up. They fall into an unending cycle with one feeling ignored while the other feels uncomfortable. It is not always one way. There are plenty of guys who text their girl too much. They believe this is the best way to win their woman's heart. Sadly, this leaves no room for her to desire them. Whichever partner does more texting ends up being the one who does most of the work of initiating and chasing. They are also at a higher risk of losing their partner's interest. 



After many backs and forth texts between us and our clients, TEXTING COACH TM noticed it is providing the same advice repeatedly. It discovered that a magic formula existed. It learned how guys and girls react and respond in texting. Our clients and friends kept coming back because they hadn't discovered the formula yet like we had. It is rare that you find someone interested in telling you word by word what to text back to your partner. We found it exciting. It was like an experiment. A door of opportunity to learn how men and women perceive and react to texts that they received and responded to.


Texting Coach provides advice for both men and women. Not all the advice provided can apply to both genders. This is because each sex is interested in winning the other's interest. The Bonus: Because TEXTING COACH TM is created and owned by a female coach, it will be providing guys the type of advice that they are looking for: A girl's perspective.



Most girls find themselves waiting to receive a text from a guy that they like, dating, or someone who they are in a relationship with. They wish this more if they have broken up. The challenge here with texting for girls is that men have a different way of perceiving texts. They tend to be not emotionally expressive. It is not masculine. Most men freak out to receive long texts from a girl they like. They don't understand that girls are vocal about their feelings. If you do express yourself by texting with them they interpret it differently. They easily lose interest.


Men are hunters and like to chase. When a girl starts expressing her emotions it makes the guy believe that he has won her already. He has no drive to text. It also makes him feel uncomfortable as he is not good at expressing his emotions. If he does, then he is not displaying a masculine trait. For him to text back means that he would need to overcome his male ego. Men choose to ignore as by doing so they are protecting their ego. T


It may seem impossible to succeed at texting to get what you want but it is not. In E-Books to come, you will learn how to text your partner to create a long-term bond and keep their attention. Not only that but how to get what you want. If you know the psychology behind it, you will receive the attention you desire from your partner. That is, to receive texts from the person you care so you do not have to be the one waiting by the clock for his text. 




It is not what you think. It is exactly the opposite that does the trick: Winning at texting your partner.


What do we mean by doing the opposite? The key point here is that LESS IS MORE. Why is it that less is more? Go through these questions below and see if these strategies help. These strategies work because you achieve these goals when you are texting less.


Isn't it better to be mysterious? YES

Isn't it better to allow your partner to hunt for you and not the other way around? YES 

The more effort your partner makes texting you, the harder it is for them to let go, right? YES

Doesn't texting less make your partner thrive to chase you? YES

Doesn't texting less mean your partner keeps checking his or her phone to see if you texted? YES

If your partner is waiting for your text doesn't that mean they are constantly thinking about you and keep checking their phone messages? YES

Won't his or her chasing mean receiving more texts from them? YES

Isn't that what you want? YES


Texting is surely a new means of communicating. It is a way to emotionally bond with the person you are with. This means that there are certain ways to text that can lead to your success at winning your partner's attention and hopefully his or her heart. This could also mean that it could be the leading cause of losing someone you care about deeply.


Each situation is different and sometimes it is needed that you send a text. It is advised at the initial stages of dating to not initiate texts if possible. If you do find yourself needing to text, be cautious with your wording. It doesn't matter if you are a guy or a girl, if you need an advice urgently but haven't received a reply, remember when in doubt, DON'T TEXT HIM/HER. This is because:


Waiting and not reacting is the safest move you can make. If you text quickly your emotions are running high. You might regret what you sent later. Remember, you cannot undo a text. "Think before you send." What do I mean by this? What works best is to type out the message you like to send. Then, put your phone aside for at least 10 minutes. When you come back and read what you wrote, most likely you will say to yourself, "I am glad I did not send this text."




With today's access to technology, there is no excuse for denying someone a reply. For those who have no access to their mobile during work hours, they have time after their work shift to respond. It can be as short as, "I will message you when I'm less busy." Acknowledging that you have received someone's message is much better than taking few days to respond back. It is damaging to your relationships. For couples whose partner owns an Apple watch, this behavior can be more upsetting as they know you are intentionally not replying. Your access to a mobile, Apple watch, iPad and or laptop makes it rare that you would not be able to answer a text


Remember, if you demand respect from others, you will need to be practicing it yourself. For some reason, we forget our own actions and how it influences others. We have given advice on how to control your impulses to text. We have also provided advice to partners who are being ignored by their partner. However, we like to emphasize that we are promoting healthy texting behaviors.


One of the biggest reasons we promote to control texting impulses and sending no texts is to help gain back self-control and respect. This is when you haven't received a reply from your partner. You are the person whose text has not been answered. We teach you to not text because it is the healthiest way to cope with someone who doesn't respond. We teach: Show no reaction. It is an effective anger management technique. There is no doubt that TEXTING COACH  is a big believer of play hard to get. When it comes to etiquette we want to ensure that you never fail. Ghosting away or not responding to someone's text is not nice. However, it is completely normal to not text. This is different from ignoring. In other words, we promote that you do not always initiate contact. At the initial stages of your dating, you are trying to win your partner's attention. It is recommended that you text less.    


Ask yourself these questions, "I have been unsuccessful with dating or keeping my partner. It is easy to click, chat and ghost away when things aren't going my way. But, am I wise enough to make it work and last with someone? How can I be less selfish when it is easier to? How do I overcome my bad habits like ghosting and not being faithful mentally if not physically?" If you said, "I don't know how." This is when you need to start looking to find ways to overcome your bad dating habits. You can by learning how to effectively and constructively approach how you deal with others. This takes will, courage, and power.


Only the wise can learn to be in a happy relationship. They are wise because they start the change with themselves. You can't expect to be happy without practice. Stress is ALWAYS there as our biggest enemy. How we battle with it is a personal choice. And, how we handle it determines our strength and ability to deal with others wisely. You will need to practice coping skills for handling stress. You will need to be wise with your emotions so it doesn't control your relationship. You will need to start the movement to change before you can see any significant result in your relationships and date life. Without change, you will find yourself in the same or similar relationship mistakes repeatedly. Most likely, you are reading this because you have taken the first step of wanting to learn to change and improve your relationship. To do this, the first step is taken by you.


How we think is based on many assumptions that we put together. Our thought process is the number one reason that drives us to text. We hear a lot of people complain about a text they received. But, we rarely hear someone reflect and analyze their own texting habits.


You rarely listen to the thoughts inside. You rarely notice the flaw in our way of thinking. Those thoughts are the driving force of your relationship with others. What you think, you believe. What you think, you act on by texting about it. What you think, you respond. This is sometimes done without hearing the other person. To fix how you text to gain the attention that you desire, you need to reflect on your thoughts. It helps you think more clearly. We are a big believer that if you can change your thoughts that you can change your life.



Have you ever fallen in love?

Did you ever wish you could pause?

... stay in those moments forever.

It is not a dream, you deserve those moments all the time. Learn to change your bad texting habits by applying some of our texting tips, tricks and suggestions.

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